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Columns & Pillars

Columns & Pillars

Timber columns are a highly diverse  and an unique way of adding style and elegance to any room or front entrance. Paint Grade or solid timber, Interior or Exterior, Fluted, Tapered, Square or Round, each column is individually turned and may be finished with one of a number of capitals such as a Tuscan, Attica or Roman Corinthian.

Apart from the decorative use, columns can be cleverly used to hide electrical wiring plumbing or vacuum equipment and are particularly useful to conceal steel uprights or can be designed into the building as structural support during the building stage.

Replacement Front Entrance Pillars with custom fluting and capitals have become one of our specialties. Whether its Dublin, London or further afield we can replicate original designs to comply with conservation & restoration guidelines.

Column Styles

A column, in an architectural or engineering sense refers to a structural element that is a load bearing support unit for the weight displaced onto it. Columns date back to 2600 BC, the most famous of which come from the Greek style of architecture known as the Classical Orders of Architecture. This Greek style is distinguishable by the form and characteristics of each column and the level of detail in each.

At BAVARI, our column styles are formed on the basis of three styles from the Classical Order; the Doric Order, the oldest and simplest form of the Classical Orders; the Tuscan Order, another simple form of the Classical Orders and the Ionic Order, much more complex than that of the Doric or Tuscan Orders and sometimes associated with Academics. Each of our columns is formed on the basis of these Classical Orders; tapered, straight, smooth or fluted finishes.

Doric Order: No Base, Smooth finish with a slightly tapered vertical cylinder, the head cap is simple with little detail.

Tuscan Order: Also known as the Roman Doric, similar to the style of the Doric Order, but with both a base and head cap consisting of a series of concentric circles, diameters and profiles. A straight shaft, never tapered or fluted.

Ionic Order: More complex than the Doric and Tuscan Orders. The shaft is often tapered, fluted and is normally finished with an intricately detailed capital.

Our columns replicate the ratios (height-to-thickness, tapers and flute sizes) based on those used in historic times. By integrating these ratios and measurements, we have come up with a range of columns which are aesthetically pleasing, structural and functional so that our columns can be tailor made to suit every requirement.

At BAVARI, we have our own custom range of caps and bases to suit each of the Classical Orders and also have a range of detailed capitals on offer.