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Staircase Specifications & Design Options
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  • From designing our staircase right through to the installation, Bavari were exceptionally helpful and thorough, we even had a follow up courtesy visit to make sure we were happy with the finished product. I'm just sorry we didn't use them for our windows, doors and kitchen too. Well done guys. Patricia Byrne
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Staircase Specifications & Design Options

At Bavari we love stretching the limits of our creativity. In staircases there are endless styles, features and options to design each and every staircase differently and individually.

Planning your Staircase

When planning your staircase you need to consider the following

  • Shape, size and layout of your home, hallway & upper floor plan. The shape and size of the well hole and the headroom available dictates a lot about the shape of the staircase
  • The shape of the stairs can take many interesting forms; straight, L-shape, U-shape, T-shape, S-shape, Elliptical, Helical, Spiral or Curved.

It is also possible to combine two different contours to create a unique and stunning feature. A popular example of this is a predominantly straight stairs with a curving lead-in flare on one or both sides.

  • The style and look of the stairs that you want to achieve; Contemporary, Traditional, Classical or Modern
  • In keeping with the style of the stairs, there are many features with can enhance the overall look.

Strings & Risers

Closed strings, Helical strings and Open risers tend to be modern and contemporary while Cut strings and Closed risers are more traditional but still very classy & elegant.

Balustrade, Spindles and Newels

Glass balustrade as opposed to spindles is much more modern & contemporary in style but not suitable to every project.

Consequently we offer a diversified range of spindles & newel posts to complement any style of stairs.

Within these designs we offer both Box  or Square Newel posts & spindles or Turned Newel posts and Spindles.

Wrought Iron balustrade is a feature in itself and offers both modern and traditional options to suit your staircase.


Bavari are leading suppliers of all mouldings including handrail. We have a large number of profiles on offer from simple round or rectangular to wide intricate profiles or two tone finishes.

There are two types of handrail systems or styles.

The Continuous Handrail System means that when you put your hand on the rail at the bottom of the stairs, you never have to lift it off until you reach the top.

This system uses up-easings, over-easings and goosenecks to ramp up and down and turn corners. It is very elegant and a beautiful feature on a staircase.

The second is Post-to-Post Handrail system. This means that the handrail is sectioned between two newel posts. The top of the newel post protrudes above the handrail.

Either systems can use a Handrail Volute as a starting feature. This is the scrolled piece of handrail at the bottom of the stairs, sometimes referred to as a ‘monkeys tail’.

Treads or Steps

Treads come in many shapes and materials with options to bullnose or round off the front edge or finish it with a simple square profile.

Added features on treads can include curved front tread edges or tread inlays using either contrast timbers or stone. We can also recess carpet panels into the tread if you so wish.

Bullnose treads are usually the bottom 1 or 2 treads of the stairs often with a ‘D’ shape on one or both sides. These are a popular feature on staircases in both modern and traditional style homes.

  • The finish on the stairs can change the whole look of the staircase and surroundings. It can be designed to blend in and match the interior or standout and make a statement.

Some options may include all painted stairs, all timber stairs or a mixture of the two.

Popular finishes include painted strings & spindles with White Oak treads and handrail. Other popular timbers include Walnut or Mahogany for treads, handrail or spindles etc.

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