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Curved Concrete Stair Clad London featuring Flexijet 3D Measuring System

Here at BAVARI we are always trying to increase our efficiency and improve our accuracy and excellence in workmanship which is why we are very excited about one of our more recent pieces of technology – the FLEXIJET 3D! 

This machine is fast, precise and highly flexible – perfect for our line of work – measuring off standard rooms and in this case curved concrete staircases. Adding this little piece of highly intelligent equipment to our already top of the range machinery & software’s greatly increases our job opportunities and definitely sets us apart when it comes to accuracy and efficiency for precise, complicated and top quality jobs.


One of our recent completed projects was based in Wimbledon, London – 3 number curved concrete staircases stacked on top of each other to be clad with timber strings, risers, treads & handrails.    These Curved stairs were not working off a true radius & because of the substantial variation in shapes & inaccuracies in the rises – these stairs would have been extremely difficult to measure. Even with laser technology there would have been weeks of taking templates, checking, tweaking and re-checking. The clients and their architect had great ideas about how they wanted the stairs & in particular the handrails to look, they liked volutes on every floor but also wanted to connect the handrail continuously from the basement all the way to the 2nd floor balcony. 


Now anybody who knows us will know that we love a challenge and are extremely particular with the quality of work that we put out. For us this project ticked every box – custom design, top quality, intricate & detailed work. 

After an initial site visit whereby draft 3D drawings, quotations and the order was placed – Ryan headed off with a colleague to put our Flexijet 3D to good use. 


                                                                                       After one (long) day on site including travelling Dublin-London and back, we had all our points for the bases of 3 number concrete stairs. 

These were then meticulously transferred into a full set of working drawings complete with 3D images for the client on our various software’s and CAD CAM systems. 


Finally we set about manufacturing the 3 curved staircases- once completed 4 installers headed off to London to meet the shipment of staircases on site. 


After only 5 days installation all 3 staircase bodies (strings, treads & risers) were installed with metal spindles and curved balconies- the timber stairs fitted beautifully onto the existing concrete stairs with only the tiniest adjustments required on each. 


It took a couple more trips across to install the intricate handrails and apply the staining/lacquer process and finishing touches to the staircases but what a success! 

The end result looks phenomenal. 


Well done to everybody involved and thank you very much to our lovely clients and all the very helpful guys on site -it was great getting to know you all and working with you on this project!

Watch this space for the photos of the finished house.


Flexijet 3d London